BMW i3 discounts

What is a reasonable percentage off MSRP on a loaner i3 (4-5k miles) in CA before incentives?

They usually say on here to aim for 15% off on a loaner.

I was able to get offered just about 15% off right off the bat on a loaner with about 3800 miles yesterday if that’s a helpful point of reference.

As a data point: I just got 8% off a new one. Non-REX.

That’s terrible.

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Got 10.6% on a new i3 REX. Another data point.

I just did 10% off a 2019 Rex S. I will post my deal here shortly.

Do loaner i3s qualify for CVRP discount as they’re Registered to BMW?


10-11% off a brand new one seems to be the going rate. 13-14% off loaner cars.

I ended up with 13% off a new one. I don’t think it matters if you buy loaner or not. These are lease cars, not collectors items. I told the sales guy I would take whichever car he could give me the biggest discount on as long as it was an i3 rex.

I negotiated 13% off a new $51k REx a couple months back, didn’t sign though.

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I ended up with a 2019 i3 BEV with 13% off MSRP. This was after going through about 3 different dealerships.

@Diversity83 Which dealer gave you 13%, if you don’t mind me asking? Also, when was this?

I messed up on this one. Got a loaner/demo last week. Does not qualify. Also missed the fine print that it needs to be 30+ month lease to qualify. I did 24. I guess the difference in price sort of washes out missing the $2500 rebate. At least I am able to get the $1000 Edison discount.

Again, let’s not make the loaners and demos equal because in CVRP eyes they are not. Demo gets the rebate if over 30 mo.

Fyi, CVRP rebate terms are changing for the worse on Dec 3, so you may want to hurry. $500 less and guaranteed income verification :sweat: msrp limits as well, but i3 shouldn’t hit that anyway

Slightly off topic, but does anyone know if the 7,500 lease credit is stackable with the USAA incentive? Thanks.

The USAA incentive is for purchase only.

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Apologies if I’m posting on a wrong thread. I’m looking for a I3 Rex lease 30 months/10k miles. Appreciate dm from brokers who have availability.