BMW -how does the rebate work?

I’ve got a $2k lease rebate at BMW - I’m being told it doesn’t reduce the cost of the car, it goes against the drive offs…but everything I am reading seems to say it comes off the cost of the car…

Who is correct?

Even if it is treated as contribution to drive off- if I am paying drive offs up front out of pocket, the balance would act as cash down as if it was my own money, correct?

You should be able to use rebates any way you want, but what do I know? I had Volvo 3 payments credit once and used it as cap cost reduction.

That’s what I thought - put it anywhere…

So I’ve called a few dealers and starting to get a consistent response - it’s a taxed incentive as it’s a CCR as if I put money down.

I’m still not 100% certain that it’s a taxed incentive - some of bmws incentives are and some aren’t. At least it’s working to reduce the cost of the car now.

I didn’t even know that incentives maybe taxed before reading about it here. And I don’t think they are in VA. I just use them as CCR

I only discovered this by hunting through the bmw forums - I have to go and find the info a dealer posted up which confirmed what is and isn’t taxed (similar to putting your own money down, which is taxed in CA)