BMW Financial loan mark up?

Hi. I am looking at financing a 2023 BMW x5 m50. I received a loan rate quote from the dealer from BMW financial for 6.1% for 5 years.
On different sites on the web I think I am seeing lower rates. Can dealers mark up loan rates ? I do understand some credit unions are still less but I qualify for BMW incentives
I would like to compare to 2 scenarios. I live in PA.

Different bmwfs rates or rates from other banks?

On other BMW dealer sites, I am seeing different/lower rates from BMWFS.
I don’t know if what I am seeing on the web is accurate. Which makes me question if BMW dealers can mark up loan rates. Hope that clarifies things?

Yes they can markup.

What’s the sale price discount (if any?)

If they can mark up the money factor on a lease, I see no reason why they couldn’t do it on a buy? These dealers don’t have any cars and are going to get as much out of the buyer as they can if they decide to let what they have go. Horrible time to be buying/ leasing vehicles unless you have “FU $!


How do I find the base rates /non marked up rates?

@nextlevelautobrokers he posts them every month.

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The high rate environment could very well be a short term effect which is why I like to focus on front end discounts (lower principal balance to start with)

You can refinance into a lower rate but there’s only one way to lower a balance.

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Hear ya. I’m in the most expensive lease of my life on decent brand vehicles, and I can not even get within buckshot of it on a new lease even using equity from my vehicle as a down payment. MSD’s down don’t really do much difference either.

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MSDs lowered our payment by about $31 a month. If you took the same amount, put it in a MMF for the same length, it came out to $19 a month so still a nice savings per month with the MSDs.

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Yes, they can by 1 to 2 points but you should find out what tier you are approved for. If you are not tier 1 or 2, they base finance rate is higher.

You can also finance with the dealer to keep the rebates and then refinance with the CU.

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After 4 payments or 5 months, please.


Yeah, I had a dealer give me MSRP if I financed with them…even with 800+ credit received a rate near 8%…went home and immediately did some calcs to see what amount of a principal check I could write which would leave 3 full payments and a little extra over for the 4th/final payment so dealer gets his spiff and I pay a very small amount of interest. Done. :slight_smile:

You are a Super Supporter. You should be able to access base rates via the Supporter Calculator.

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Understand. Have put down MSD’s on various vehicles and brands. They simply don’t lower the money factor today as much as they did 2-5 years ago, at least BMW’s and I assume most other brands? I have a minimum down payment/no MSD lease currently. I can put far more down in equity selling my vehicle to Carvana, plus put down the maximum MSD’s, lower the miles from 12K to 10K, and my payment is still $100-$150 more per month. Crazy. Lease ends Nov 29,2023. Looks like I will be buying my car. Not a good investment.

BMW MSD haven’t been as good as they are in a while.

A buddy of mine is getting the same rate for a x5 m50i. How’s your discount though? He got 8k plus $750 in loyalty (so around 8.5% plus 750 so around 9.5% on a 93k msrp car.) In stock not a build.

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