BMW excessive wear and tear Package

What do you guys think of the BMW excessive wear and tear package? Does anyone have this package ? And does anyone recommend purchasing this package. It’s an extra $1000 for 36 months, cover up $7500 worth of damages at the end of your lease. Thanks in advance.

Negotiate it to $500 and it is worth it. $1k is a toss up.

I find ALL of the upsells BMW tries to make after you’ve already negotiated the lease to be odious. And, in my somewhat limited experience, the dealer will waive just about anything reasonable at turn in if you lease another vehicle from them, including the $350 disposition fee which itself is an odious concept. I declined them all and got tire insurance from a 3rd party for pennies on the dollar.


Calculate how much ‘non-waivable’ damage you have caused on your brand new cars in the last 3 years. In my case I always Decline. YMMV.

Never owned or leased one before- but most folks drive BMWs like they stole it- if this is you, then yes- it is worth it and can negotiated down like others have said. I read something about brakes- can someone chime in if they cover or charge you for brakes?



AHAHA I saw that one! My point exactly!

Brakes are covered under the warranty. It’s the tires and the cosmetic stuff that you have to worry about.

I see I see- don’t they have a package that covers tires as well?

They have 2 different packages. One covers the excessive wear and tear at the end of lease. Second one covers your RF tires and wheels. Both of them cost around $1100 a piece.

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Daaaaang- Almost a whole years lease for some… Not to mention your own auto insurance on top of that. I would like to believe that upon turning in your car at end of lease- let the dealer know you are leasing from them again- perhaps they can be more lenient on the return fee if you don’t have any of those additional insurance packages.

A set of new tires is cheaper than the coverage.

True, but the package cover wheels and tires. And when your turn in your lease, they make sure that you have Run Flats on because most of the BMWs don’t have the spare tire anymore.

I just leased a 328i and am interested to hear about the 3rd party insurance you purchased. could you please share some details.

Which third-party offers tire insurance pennies on the dollar?

Sorry for the delayed response. Was away. Happy new year :slight_smile:

I used Discount Tire Direct. They made me email them a pic of the sidewall and then that was it - gave me a very cheap quote and I did the deal. Worked with Danny Thomas.

I just called Discount Tire Direct and spoke with a sales rep. named Frank. He said that the only product they offer is a road hazard policy that covers the tires only and that it covers any new tire that is damaged beyond repair until it reaches 3/32. On a set of OEM Bridgestone tires at $178 a pop, covering all 4 would be $72.

He emphasized that this DOES NOT cover normal wear on a tire and that if new tires were deemed necessary at lease turn-in, then the policy would not cover this cost.

@wantcar - Can you provide info from your contract that might say otherwise?

@AB_hackr Funny timing. I literally just filed a claim yesterday. Wife hit a nail and the run flat had a slow-ish leak (she could get through about 2 days before the PSI went from 37 or whatever to around 25 and require more air).

Anyway, the process couldn’t have been easier. I just called, emailed a pic, and that was it. A new tire is on the way via UPS as we speak.

As for regular wear and tear, no, it doesn’t cover that. Nor, however, does BMW’s to my knowledge (which is explicitly called Excess Wear and Tear) which was described to me for things like flats, curb rash to wheels, etc.

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