BMW European Delivery - Deals Beyond Inventory Cars


With all of the aggressive deals on inventory cars, starting to investigate options for custom order cars. I believe ordered cars are eligible for the same rebates, etc. but would love to gather input.

Has anyone been able to secure competitive pricing on a custom order?

Any reccos on dealers to work with (CA preferred)?

Also thinking about models towards the end of their production cycle (eg gran coupe 4 and M) so would love any insights or experience from the Hackrs!

Don’t think you can use OL codes on ordered cars. I wouldn’t expect true loser deals either. Max I think would likely be 12-13% (Triple net) on most models and that’s if you have a solid working relationship with that dealer.

ED adds a certain amount of markup to the MF to cover the second payment as BMW covers this for you. PCD also has a certain premium to it.

I did BMW ED several years ago. It’s an amazing experience that I highly recommend anyone do at least once, especially if they are already planning a trip across the pond and the time frame for buying a car matches up to the trip. However, the financial benefits are not the same these days as BMW North America have substantially reduced the discount associated with ED in recent years. IMHO you can probably get at least a good a deal on a car these days buying off the lot. Many rebates can’t be used for ED. As a result the number of US customer doing ED has declined.

MB, Audi, Volvo, and Porsche also offer european delivery with varying levels of discounts etc.

If you want to do a BMW ED then you should absolutely call Greg Poland at Pacific BMW. He is one THE guys for BMW ED in the US. He’ll do deals with a flat margin ($750-$1000) over ED invoice pricing.

When’s the last time a true blue hackr paíd invoice or * shudder * over invoice? :sweat_smile:

ED invoice is below US delivery invoice so one can still be a hackr

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Heard differing things on this such as RV being calculated on US invoice. Any CA’s wanna chime in?

RV’s for ED leases are based on US MSRP.

if you want info on BMW ED I would go here.

It used to be a much more vibrant ED community but as I said in my prior post BMWNA has weakened the ED program in the past few years reducing the discounts to be had and in turn reducing the number of people participating.

I’d call @Samson…give some love to the good ones here.

You can get close to European Delivery invoice pricing but you won’t get the same discount as buying one sitting on the lot. You can’t use some of the rebate and discounts on ED cars. Back in the day the discount was %7 percent but lots of people abused it and took delivery without even driving the cars so they reduced the discount.

If you want to visit Europe and drive your own car while there it’s a great experience. I would definitely recommend you to do it. Hard to beat the driving feeling of driving a BMW in European highways and mountain roads.