BMW drive for a Cause...scam?

Hi guys,

I recently received an e-mail from a local BMW dealer inviting me to test-drive a BMW in their BMW drive for a cause event. They advertise that I will receive $2000 off certificate toward purchase or lease of a BMW in stock. However it says $2000 off MSRP, so that kills the savings because usually the purchase price is less than the MSRP. Do you guys think it is worth my time to attend the event or is just a scam and I should wait for another deal? I would appreciate if someone that knows about the details of the event can clarify. Thanks.

It’s not a scam but a trick to get you in. There are hundreds “events” like this one. Not only they do not actually give you anything extra, but they also limit you to “in stock” inventory. There are, however, manufacturer promotions that give you real savings. I once got $500 extra cash for attending Volvo Ocean race show and received an email from Subaru for $1,000 off (did not use it due to the timing).