BMW DEMO car LEASE TIPS. What DO YOU think you could Negotiate!?

I am located in NY, the car I am looking at is located in a different state would have it shipped.
Interested in hearing what you folks who have heard or have negotiated demos before are able to come up with.

MSRP: 55k
List Price: 45k (Hoping I can get them down more as this is without any negotiation.)
Mileage: 3,400
Residual: 54% (on this particular vehicle and 2020 year)
Current Money Factor: .00082
Tax in my state and county: 8.13%
Just want to pay first months payment and fees at signing.
Looking for 12k miles per year as I drive a lot and from previous leases this is perfect.

I don’t have any incentives and this would be my first BMW so no loyalty. I did not see any incentives on Edmunds so not sure, if any, I would be able to get.

I have a great credit score 750+ and want to negotiate a lease. Car seems to have been sitting for sale for quite some time. What would be your recommendations on this? What is the best deal you think I can negotiate based on this info!!? Any good Tips?

Did you ask on the forums? Also what is this car? you didn’t specify the model. Is that MF base according to Edmunds? Generally you want to aim for a certain pre-incentive % discount. I want to say abt 15% pre-incentive but others here who are more in tune with the NY market can jump in with their advice.


Willing to bet this includes loyalty and all finance discounts.


Until they tell you that’s a purchase quote and already includes all purchase incentives…

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The best deal you can negotiate is the best deal that you can negotiate.


Ask for more discount and you will either get it, or get ghosted. Read the threads on how to negotiate. There’s no magic answer.


Leasing a BMW without loyalty or equivalent is not worth it IMO.

Transfer into an existing BMW lease from the private transfer section here or swapalease or the BMW forums… benefit from someone else’s incentives and set yourself up for loyalty for the next one.


Truer words have never been spoken :sunglasses:



Thank you all for the replies. I figured as much as I can negotiate. Appreciate the advice on the swap lease that is a great idea.