BMW Dealers Rolling Incentive Into Initial Cap Cost?

I had originally received offer 1 and then I called them out for not including the correct rebate amount of $5.5k ($500 untaxed costco).

They took the difference of the correct 5.5k rebate from the original incorrect 4k rebate and added that to the initial cap to bring us to offer #2 (total 5k rebate bc $500 untaxed and got factored into the initial capcost2]

They said they could not do offer #1’s initial cap of $35,981 WITH the rebates of offer #2 or they “would be losing money on the deal”.

Is this legit ???

Offer 1:
Initial Cap Cost: $35,981
Rebates: 4,000

Offer 2:
Initial Cap Cost: $37,481
Rebates: $5,000

Breakdown of Rebates:
3k lease credit
1k new grad
1k loyalty
500 costco

I’m 99% sure the dealer came out to the initial 4k figure by only crediting 2k lease cash and pocketing the rest (read numerous stories about dealers trying to pull this).

What are the standard dealer fees for BMW’s?

Initial Sell Price (35,981) + Doc Fees (80) + Acquisition (925) + Transfer (55) + Rebate Tax (380) - 4000 = $33,421 Adjusted cap cost

Their adjusted cap cost is listed as $34,156

Am I missing something here? This is a service loaner so I believe the DMV cost shouldnt count towards cap anyways

No need to make a new thread for every single BMW question.

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Selling price went up when you asked for your rebates to be included? Sounds like a shitty dealer. Move on to someone else.

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its scam dealer move on