BMW Dealer Tampa Area

I am helping a cousin looking for a 320 or 328. Does anyone have a recommendation on a dealer in the Tampa FL area? Happy to give your name if that is helpful. I have only ever leased in CA anything different about leasing in FL?

Thanks in advance.

Reeves is a good start. There’s also a dealer in Clearwater/St Pete, forget the name of it. But Reeves usually does a good job.

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Im in Tampa, Reeves BMW is apart of a huge autoplex that includes Audi, Porsche, Maserati, Land Rover etc… I would refer my sales guy for BMW Parker Cook, just say J P sent you. Let me know so I can give him a heads up. Hope all goes well.

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If you are willing to travel a bit i suggest going to Atlanta, the dealers are much more competitive and they don’t have the ridiculous doc fees.

I just sent him and email so if you could give him a heads up it would be much appreciated.