BMW deal evaluation

I’ve been offered the following on a “pull ahead” lease from a BMW dealer.
2017 340i Xdrive
MSRP: $61,390
Selling price: $56930
Money factor .00154 (I know it’s marked up)
59% residual
$189 “dealer fee”

I qualify for a corporate discount so, if I’m correct, that should make the MF .00134 - .0002 (.00114). Also, I’d like to get the selling price down to as close to 56k as possible. That would lower the payment by about $65/month. I’m having zero luck with 2016’s as most dealers are offering the same discount on a 2016 as a 2017 “because they are still new cars”. That makes no sense to me, but it’s the line I keep getting. This would wave the last 2 payments on my lease and save the $350 lease disposition fee.


You’d be at .00065 MF after no markup, corp discount and 7 MSD.

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2016 at 15.25% off MSRP.

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