BMW Custom Builds


Hello Hackrs,
Recently put in a custom build for a new 2022 BMW M240i at a local BMW dealer.
Sales guy said I was next in line when he was trying to get me to order.
Finally got around to ordering and 1 month later I checked in asking for update on allocation.
Put a 1k down payment to order and sales guy comes back to say its looking like a 2023 build with production in the fall even though I ordered a 2022. Little less than 1 year sounds excessive even in this market. I have looked all around the US for M240s and all cars on site are custom order builds already sold which is annoying. Is this dealer giving me the run around or are allocations actually this backed up? Thinking about just getting whatever is in stock like a S3 or S5 since my lease is up next month. Anyone have any similar experiences or is this actually normal?

Wouldn’t surprise me since allocations are indeed backed up. Heard rumblings of 440 GC with actual production weeks for 2022 model year also getting pushed back to early 2023 builds.

Sounds like you delayed putting a deposit and are now in the back of the line for an in-demand car.

And got external validation of the fact.

But at least you are in line for a new MY (higher residual) vs a late ‘22, which would be my preference.

These are coming from Germany, right? They aren’t going to deliver in 60 days like an X series built in SC.

You can probably start fishing for someone’s cancellation, but unlikely your build, and likely with ADM.

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It won’t be a year, they just meant it won’t get allocated until 2023 allocations start dropping either next month or July.

If you’re serious about just getting something in stock and you’re fine with list pricing, reach out to us and we’ll see if we can locate something for you or at least point you in the right direction.

I’ve been seeing this on all the baby M products lately with 111’s getting moved back to 105 status unless they were already P1 (sold) status.

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2 series are now made at BMW’s new factory in Mexico

Thanks, I will reach out as I would take most anything at this point in the M240i world!