BMW Credit Check

My credit application was approved by bmw for a lease which will be picked up in May (deal below but not purpose of this post). I want to purchase/finance a Q5 for my wife before May. Questions:

  1. Will bmw run an additional credit check when I sign lease paperwork and pick up car in May?
  2. Will financing a Q5 for my wife impact my credit score enough to impact bmw lease?

I know this isn’t the best deal, but used local dealership to save time/travel. Custom Ordered 2023 bmw 5 series and should arrive in May. ~$60k msrp, ~$650 effective monthly after $3k incentives ~5% msrp discount. 00103 money factor 7MSD 39/10

Thanks for any advice!


What is your FICO auto score? Your score will drop, as long as you aren’t on the line it shouldn’t push you out of Tier 1.

768 FICO - recent drop due to the bmw lease

Thanks - I think I should just wait until after bmw arrives

I ordered a BMW in August of 2021 and picked up in October of 2021.

The only hard inquiry I have is from August, the dealer only ran Transunion for me.


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