BMW Costco (New England)

I’m debating signing up for costco membership online. WE don’t have one within a 50 mile radius but it saves me $1,000 on a BMW lease. Is this a dumb idea? I suppose I could just cancel after one year.

Has anyone ever done this?

Are you asking if a $60 annual fee/$5 month to possibly save $1000 makes sense?


Has bmw ever done a Costco incentive. I can only remember GM, Audi, Mercedes, and Volvo.


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I know of one dealer who does them for demos only

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I was about to say, where have I been? Costco has a BMW incentive?

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If anyone does it, then do it. has some decent deals too, got my E-sports monitor from there for 200 under retail.


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i didnt know if there was a waiting period of 6 months or sometihgn

My take is…$60/yr is nothing when comparing it to the potential savings it may offer you on a future car purchase. Based on the rebates we often see for Volvo or Audi, etc… using $1250 rebates, it pays for 20.xx years of membership.

For people who lease, Costco is a no brainer. Furthermore, Costco has some great deals in their online catalog with free delivery as well.

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Thanks for the info, I saw it on an Audi vendor I think. Maybe I mistook that for BMW because I’ve been looking through a bunch,

Stop once after you sign the car, buy $50 worth of hot dogs, your membership fee is back.

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Just bought it, seemed like a no brainer for $60

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The savings on gas makes up the cost of annual membership fee alone even at 12,000 miles per year.

How does that work? I assume it’s not an actual BMW FS incentive, so is the dealer just making up incentives and having it come out of their own pocket?

Are we talking about the Costco quarterly brand specials (of which Audi, Volvo, and Chevy seem to get the most attention) incentives or the Costco buying service which is basically TrueCar?

If you are looking at this, Costco provides this list of manufacturer incentives. They are not exclusive to Costco members.

Is the BMW Costco inventive still running?

There are no BMW Costco incentives.

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