BMW Carbon Black - Difficult to Keep Looking Clean?

Compared to the average car painted true black, is BMW’s carbon black just as laborious to keep looking clean?

Almost as bad? Somewhere else on the effort continuum?

I love the color, but where we live it rains a lot, and there isn’t a convenient full-service car wash nearby.

I hate driving a car with an appearance that looks neglected, even if it (sort of) is.

It’s a beautiful color, but yes, it’s difficult to maintain if it’s out in the open regularly.


Almost as bad. I have avoided CB for that reason. Years ago looking for a M-sport RWD E60 in the northeast was difficult enough, finding one that was not black was even harder.

Carbon Schwartz is almost the darkest shade of blue imaginable. Practically speaking it’s almost as bad as keeping a jet black car looking clean.

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Carbon black is out then.

Thank you for saving me from myself. :smiley:

To be fair, it is a beautiful color. A preferred color for M/M-sport cars. That could offset the “clean” concerns … or not.

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Carbon black is very difficult. Transferred my carbon black GT and was extremely labor intensive to maintain. Have dark graphite now and cashmere silver. Much easier

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I would only do a special paint on a garaged/weekend type pleasure car at this point. Outside of ongoing care, the cost to repaint damage from some moron dooring you or other unforeseeable events gives me the chills.

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It’s probably my favorite BMW color, which is why I’m asking… but I am happy to admire from afar if it requires a lot of time and effort to maintain.

What they said. Gorgeous color, IMO the hottest of the basic colors. Aaaaand utterly impossible to keep clean. I don’t remember having a color so difficult to keep clean.

… but it’s so damn nice that I still would probably get it again.

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It is a very old color that BMW stuck with. It dates the car a little bit to my eyes but thats just me. It would be like a new BMW in topaz blue or something.

Oddly I generally don’t like blue at all (I’m more of a white/silver/gray guy).

A family member still has a 2011 335i convertible in Deep Sea Blue that she bought new. I’ve hated that color since the first day I laid eyes on the car.

Something about this carbon black just works for me… at least aesthetically. I’ll never own a car in this color based on the feedback in this thread.