BMW build allocation vs in stock


Can anyone explain the differences in pricing between build allocation vs in stock?

If I want to pick up a car from a dealer lot, I expect I can get a better price. No?

I can understand if you are “rich” and want a custom build. But for the mass market as most of us are, shouldn’t we just be looking for in stock cars?

What am I missing?

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Some people want a vehicle built as they desire and are willing to pay a bit more for it

This is entirely variable between the dealer, make, and model.


Many dealers now want you to order and are giving you a better deal to do so.

I wouldn’t automatically assume that because its in stock its cheaper. With low inventory across the board many dealers prefer you order highly desirable models instead of taking something off the lot (as they have few).

The sucker that wants it right now can pay more, especially in this market.


For some make/models, it’s the same price and discount. So it’s about the wait and also of the same deals apply now as it will when the build is delivered. For BMW, as an example, your lease incentives this month can be locked in to apply as when you take delivery (or better).

Depends on the car as the dealer gets allocations. Generally you could get a better price on an ordered car vs. a car on the lot if demand is high. It also depends on how plentiful the allocations are.

If it’s a pretty normal car like an X3, they can probably get one built. If it’s the latest M model, the dealer may not have allocations to spare.

Like everything else it’s supply and demand.

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