BMW 640i Xdrive with M Package



Does anyone have a BMW 640i x with an M package?

Its supposed to be a $95k car but I’m just not feeling it. If you have one, what has been your experience?


Are you married to BMW? I find the LC500 to be a far more attractive package than the 6 series.


I can’t get a good enough deal on an LC. $1095 is the best I’ve found. One bozo quoted me $1900/mo LOL!


@nyclife had one a few days ago when I spoke with him. It’s an M sport package though, if that’s good enough for you.


You cannot do long distance drives with >2 adults


been driving in a few without M package … tight car…not particularly useful and for some reason it doesn’t have an electric trunk (at least the ones i drove) which i found super annoying.


What year is yours?


2017 model year