BMW 540 Lease Numbers


hello everyone trying to see if i have any room in this deal to go lower, ideally i would like to be at $600 a month, right now this is at $685 on this 2019 540Xdrive

MSRP: 70,085
Sales Price: $62,159.
Rebate Loyalty: 2k

Total $60,159.

36 months/ 12K miles

Im still eligible for graduate discount which isn’t worked in that number as of yet so thats another 1K down which is roughly $25 off on the monthly payment i believe.

Paying out of pocket 3K- taxes , first month, acquisition (925), fees

Dealer has it advertised as zero down, I’m not sure if i can get another 2500 off the msrp. the sales price is already roughly (11% down)

if this is a bad deal in general then please let me know !

Invoice is roughly 93-94% of msrp. Not sure how much they can move.

The best I was able to get was 13% off before incentives and buy rate this week on a new 540 x drive. Try to work on an 18 540, if you can find one with the options you want, the residual is one point higher and they have 1k in lease cash over the 19’s.