BMW 535i xDrive Lease

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2016 BMW 535i xDrive

MSRP: $61,410
Selling Price: $46.987
Rebates: $5000 included in discounted selling price
Trade-in: $1000 in 3 month lease payments on 3 series (3 months absorbed by BMW)

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: .00134
Residual: 57% - $33,253.70 ($1750 mileage adjustment included)

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1,500]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $499.11

Sales Tax Rate: 0%

Am I leaving anything on the table? I have a lease that is due in 6 months so the dealer can waive 3 payments and then factoring in 3 payments. I am putting $1000 down (Plus first month) - $1500 drive off. Basically covering the 3 months of lease payments on the lease return

I would do 7 MSDs which would drop your MF to .00085. Probably knock $25-$30 off the monthly.

I don’t want to put any money down.

…Over covering the lease payments on the early lease return.

Anyone know If I can use the USAA member incentive and apply to a retired loaner car? I was told I could not use the corporate discount and reduced MF with a retired loaner.

The MSDs come back to you at lease end. But beyond that that looks like a pretty great discount from MSRP.

New to leasing but based on these figures I can’t see why someone wouldn’t do max MSD’s, correct? For this deal 7 MSD’s would be $3,500 and using your low end of $25 per month reduction, that would mean a total of $900 less in lease payments over 3 years by paying $3,500 now…a 25.7% return, correct? Seems like a no brainer to me.

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is this a new one or a loaner ? I am also looking for one and would like to know where did you get this deal.

Correct. True leasehackrs would always put max MSDs.

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Seems pretty decent especially if they are absorbing your lease early as well. The mileage adjustment, is this a demo?

Also- if you haven’t already- do you have BMCCA? You can save $1,000 on the 5 series (see attachment). If you are interested in BMW Car Club Of America
Please mention my membership ID 511304 somewhere when signing up and kindly message me when you successfully sign up.

@Alex Thanks. This is a retired loaner with some mileage on it. The dealer has to move it since the RV’s will change for the worse in March (if they want to lease it). They are only absorbing the 3 month for the pull ahead of the lease. The other 3 months are being built into the adjusted cap cost, so they are not giving me anything over what BMWNA is. BCAA will only work if I have been a member for 360 days…No Good for my deal!

I just signed the deal on this car so Officially this deal is done. The dealer was Kuni BMW in Portland, OR. I ended up negotiating the selling price on the car to get the payment down to $487. I put a few MSD’s on the car (payment reduced to $469), but in the finance guy’s office he told me the Maintenance is not transferable since the loaner was already registered. I got him to give me the maintenance for basically the remainder of the lease for $500. This normally would have cost $1350 (around there).

Congrats! We picked up our Service Loaner X1 from Kuni and they were great across the board.

Who did you work with?

Sorry to be a newbee. First time leasing. I live in Portland as well and was wondering how I even start leasing a loaner. Do just walk into Kuni and ask if they have any loaner for sale? Thanks.

Loaners and executive demos are generally listed as 2016 and 2017 cars listed as CPO. Loaners look as they have been registered previously, executive demos show as being a corporate car out of NJ.

See what is online and then reach out to confirm.

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I deal with the sales manager, Ryan Malone. Great guy!

@osme02…after you find what you are looking for online, do your research. Find out what the cars are going for. Look for a similar car on this site and see what type of deals people are getting. Make sure you know your numbers before going in and talking to anyone at the dealer.