BMW 528 Lease Help

ISO some help in negotiating a BMW lease.

2016 BMW 528 with upgrades -MSRP approx 50-52K. Lease for 24 months. 10k miles or less per year. Location is Atlanta Ga. Sales tax is due on the final sales price at time of lease. $,3,500.

I see discussion about lease deals in the $3-400.00 range per month. This is not a demo so the low end may not be possible. Ive used the calculator with residual factor (67-72% for August) money factor etc. Multiple security deposits is not something I understand. Paying the sales tax upfront I have been contacted by a dealer who wants $650.00 a month if I don’t put any money down (except sales tax). What am I missing?

A significant discount off MSRP. And 36 months probably lowers the cost as well.

Exactly. At least 15% off msrp. This is the discount you need