BMW 5 Series Lease Help

Looking for a 535 xi lease in DC area, anyone knew what the standard MF is? Dealer said before MSD is 0.00117 - 0.00157 depends on credit score, does this sound correct?
Should I wait until end of November/December for better %off or now it’s the better time?

Thanks all!

If he gives you 0.00117 before MSD, take it :slight_smile:

.00136 is the base. If you have the fleet discount it would be .00116 but I have no clue where he came up with .00117

.00001 padding…? LOL

Dealers would steal a penny from you if they could for sure

Even if he writes it up at .00117 (and the no one else catches the mistake) once he sends the deal to financial services it will be rejected.

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hmm I thought dealer could earn that 0.00001 as bonus…

So the lowest MF could be 0.00136 - 0.00020 - 7*0.00007 = 0.00067 (1.608%), right?

They can mark it up by .0004, i am not sure what you mean by bonus, and it appears you have an extra 0 in there.

.00067 is the lowest BMW MF correct. I would not wait the 5 series is an incredible deal right now, i doubt it gets any better, just less selection to chose from.

What is an incredible 5 deal? 400 for 52k run of mill 528xi?

I am talking about the BMW program being incredible and most likely not getting better, 66% residual is very high, ample discounts, and the MF is reasonable, its a much better lease than an equivalent A6 or E series.

.00089 or around there