BMW 5 Series Lease Evaluation Help

Hi hackrs in need of some help. I am trying to lease a 2016 528i and the numbers are not matching. This calculation does not take into account rolling the $925 Acquisition into the monthly payment.

MSRP $52,845
Cap Cost $43,500
$1,000 BMW Loyalty Credit
Residual 62%
MF .00134
7 MSDs
Tax 8.225%

When I enter this deal into the calculator I get $391 monthly payment with tax. The link below is the dealer sheet. It is showing a payment of $392.91 before working in the $925 acquisition fee.

I cannot find a a mistake in the numbers I was given, what am I missing?

Just to confirm, you asking for the 1 dollar difference? Man i will give you the dollar just go and get it if you like the car. Seems like a decent deal to me.

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The numbers the dealer provided the $925 acquisition is paid up front. When I ran the numbers on the Lease Hackr calculator the $925 is rolled into the monthly payments so there is a significant different there.

Cant run the numbers now but the rebate covers the acquisition i think. Quick view so dont scold me :grinning: can someone please run the numbers.

Here are the numbers that I ran on the lease calculator.

Ok so dealer driveoffs are 4280 yours 3750. Only 500 difference. You can ask them i guess to go over discrepancy but again not a significant amount. Just my opinion.