BMW 440i Lease Offer

Hey guys, got this offer for a lease from a SoCal dealer on a exec demo BMW 440i. Think it sucks and wondering what numbers I should come back to them with. They say they get dinged on residual by corporate because car has 9kmi. But I still think this is way too much for this car. Check out these terms…

Price: $44,991
Year: 2018
Miles: 9,005

Term: 36 months
Miles Allowance: 10k/yr

Down Payment: $3,995
Monthly Payment: $612.35 (inc 9.5% sales tax)

Residual 51%
MF .0019600 (my credit score is 800+)

Cap Reduction $2,976.30
Additional Charges $925
Cap Cost: $42,939.70

Thoughts and suggestions?

That does suck. What’s the msrp?
For comparison people are posting low 400s for 430i and 430x loaners with 0 down

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Yes, I was thinking low 400s too.
Don’t know MSRP unfortunately. Not listed on website, would need to call back.

That right there is a big no-no.

That right there is a big no-no too.

Considering we have seen 430’s going in the 400 range. I would expect the 440i to be bit higher. I would say mid 400’s. Currently with that 4k down payment, you’re effective payment is 732ish (612 + 120 (every thousand down is around $30 on the payment). You would have to get the car down atleast a few grand.

Edit - After taking a peak at the price difference between 430i and a 440i - there’s close to a 6k-7k difference in base prices alone. I dont think it’s possible to be in the 400’s because of that difference in price. I think any price in the 4’s would be a good price in general. But I dont think it’s doable at this point. From the effective payment listed above and what price point you want to be - that’s a 300ish swing in price. In other words, that’s 10k that has to be minused from somewhere.

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The fact that this car has 9k on it already means it’s getting a mileage residual hit of 6% in addition to a mileage penalty of $0.25/mile over 500. Unless they are giving the car away at this point, this is a buy candidate, not a lease. You’re also losing any incentive cash as it wouldn’t be applicable to anything over 5k.

Stick to something under 5k unless they are giving a significant discount on anything > 5k to compensate for the mileage penalty/lack of incentives.

< 5000 = $0.25/mile over 500 penalty (if the car has 4500, you’d take 4,000 *0.25 = 1,000 residual penalty)
5000 - 7499 = 4% residual hit + mileage penalty
7500 - 9999 = 6% residual hit + mileage penalty


Just found out the MSRP is $58,635. So at $44,991 that’s 23% off MSRP??

The sales guy on the phone got really pissed when I suggested CarGurus still put the car at $3,794 above market.


23% off would be good if you didn’t take a 6% residual hit along with a 2,100 mileage penalty.

Pass on that for sure.

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Something is off. This is what i get when i input all the numbers in the calculator. What am i missing? It should be $60 cheaper. Anyone?

They are upping your money rate by a lot. Money rate was ~00155 for tier 1 credit, which you should qualify for, so they are basically adding ~$1000 back to the car price

They won’t budge on MF or really anything. At this point I agree with poster above that the car is more of a buy than lease. Fahggetaboutit.

So the price of the car dropped even more and I snagged it. Here are the details. I’ll post some photos to the Trophy Garage in a bit.

MSRP: $58,635
Purchase Price: $39,550
Term: 10k/36mos
Monthly: $445/mo (Including 9.5% LA City Tax)
Total Drive Off: $3,000
Trade In Value for old car: $300
Miles: 9,038
RV: 51%
MF: .00166
No Incentives because of miles

Thanks for all your help guys!

Oh wow huge difference. Glad it dropped down to a reasonable range for you. Did you haggle it down or did it just drop on it’s own?

Dropped down to $378/mo with $5k down as a “lease special”. I went in right away and negotiated even more.

5k down for less than $60 reduction per month does not seem that special ?

Pretty good deal, congrats

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Was this from Century West BMW? Red 440i? I almost leased this car last week.

I ended up buying another exec demo from the same dealership. After running the comps of a purchase and sale in 3 years vs their lease deal, I found that buying and selling was much better.

@intel8l it’s about $30/mo off for every $1000 you put down and vice versa. So I said $3k down, which added $60/mo and brought price up to $438/mo. Then negotiated down from there.

@carlover1999 congrats on your recent purchase! I ran lease/buy comps too and for this particular one the lease just ended up being much cheaper, even without incentives. They were just willing to let it go for much lower. They’ll just resell it as a CPO when I bring it back. This was from Bob Smith BMW in Calabasas. I did see a red one in Century West but was specifically looking for a white one. I posted pics in the Trophy Garage topic under the Share Deals category.

Hopefully you didn’t put money down?

I did. About 2k before fees. Kept going back and forth between psychologicallying seeing that lower monthly for the next 3 years vs the risk of losing the 2k by totaling the car in the first couple of months. Guess the dark side won. But hey I get to save like $86 bucks by lease end by not running that $2k through the monthly interest rate (MF) of 4% LOL. That’s like… almost a sushi dinner for two at Sugarfish :slight_smile:

Gotta fight the caving into the dark side. That’s money that could have been saved. In hindsight, I would have attempted to get the price of the car down a bit more to be at your price but minus the $2k. Either way, it’s all done now. Enjoy the car!

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I’m not sure I agree. Where can you invest at 4% w/o risk?