BMW 440i convertible loaner

Trying to figure out best strategy to get to below 1% rule… loaner vehicle with miles below 5k for 36mo/10k miles

SELL PRICE - $57500
MF - .00166
RV - .57
MONTHLY - $652 w/ $3200 DAS (taxes/fees/etc…)

So essentially $723/mo after NYC taxes… I believe this has a $3000 incentive applied after sell price. They started at $58500 after incentive. Any suggestions on getting lower? Do I simply just try to wait for end of month? I do not qualify for loyalty ($750) unless there is a way to get it from just having title given to you (without registering yet). Any likelihood I get them to $600/mo after taxes? Not really seeing many $68k MSRP BMWs go for less than $600/mo on this forum without special connections with dealership.

Only thing I can think of is that I can put max MSDs (out of state)… but there has not been much talk on verifying BMW MSD for new leasees…

If you back out the $3000 you are looking at $60500 before rebates.
If the car was $68000 and they’re discounting to $60500 before rebates, That’s only a 12% discount they’re offering you which is not a lot for a loaner, especially one with high MSRP such as this.

Agreed. Not enough off MSRP for a loaner.

They are discounting to 57500 prior to the $3000 incentive .

I dont know how to do the math right… but 43% of 57500 then minus incentive… then add $3200 / 36… I’m getting like $695/mo

Again still not enough for me to bite tho

So the sales prices of 57.5k does not have the 3k in incentives? Your initial post is confusing then.
Plug in all the numbers into the calculator and see what discount you need to get to get to 600 a month. Then ask for that discount.
Simply making up a number of 600 per month and asking for that won’t get it. Asking for the necessary discount is a better approach.

Thanks for reply. For this price I straight up told the guy I’m aiming for 20% off prior to incentives and he replied “Geez! 20% would $13600 off plus incentives!
Best I can do is $57500 plus incentives.”

Then the above numbers is what he finally gave me. $57500 is 15.4% off prior to incentives.

When people say about 20% off MSRP for loaners is goal… this number is with or without incentives?

Also have a friend at a diff dealer with same car except MSRP is 70k (executive pkg instead of essentials)… which I don’t care for. But maybe I can play them off each other (second dealer does not know yet my friend works for them)

Stay firm on wanting 20%.

Is this a 2018 or 2019? XDrive or RWD? private message me as Im about to buy one