BMW 340i - Expected payments


I am looking at leasing a 2018 BMW 340i, However I am new to BMW lease deals, sale prices, etc.

What is typically the sale price discount not including incentives? %?


Which area of the country are you in?
Here in the NY/NJ area 340s go for about 9.5% off msrp, still comes out to 600 a month with roughly 60k msrp.

I am located in Florida

You can save some money by not requiring xdrive :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t care for xDrive. So what should I expect as a good deal off the MSRP?

I think if you get close to 10% that’s more than decent, but I don’t know the situation in Florida

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Most that I’ve seen are going for upper 400s/low 500s per month with like 1K due at signing. If you can get one for mid to lower 400s, with only a 1K due, consider it a good deal.

If you can wait until end of year, you’ll have much better deals on 18s since they will be at end of production and the 19s will be coming onto the lots. At that point there should be stronger incentives on 18s in addition to dealer discounts. If you can’t wait, I’d say go for loaners and go for 15-20% off.

Do you mean to the actual end of the year? Like, December? My Lexus is due back after June.

Well didn’t know what your timeframe was. If you’re looking to get a good deal then go for loaners. If not, others have said what a good deal on a new would be.

Make sense, however, when is the end of the year? Are you referring to the calendar year or the end of 2018 versions,… say august?

End of production is November, I think?? Should line up nicely with end of year discounts and incentives.

You might consider leasing something else then. This is the last year for the current BMW 3 series; the new one (G20) is supposed to be announced this summer, with sales beginning in the fall.

Thank you! Question: Do new models typically lease the same or worse?

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Generally, worse until supply catches up. Higher demand, less incentive to move the cars for lower prices. This goes for most brands, not just BMW.

Goto BMW Melbourne. Great guys. I got a quote for $570ish with zero drive off. Given the current incentives, I’d expect to pay $600-650.