I just wanted to share one of our October demo specials.
Below are the details about the parameters of the lease structure.
Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns that you may have.
Thank you.

We have lease specials on all makes and models, but we sell a large amount of units per month for luxury brand vehicle’s which is why we are able to secure big discounts, and get leases at buy rate.

2018 BMW 340i- Sport Line

Exterior: Mineral White
Interior: Black

*Extended instrument cluster
*Blind Spot
*Heated seats
*Comfort access keyless entry
*Harmon kardon surround sound system
*Rear view camera

*24 Month Lease Term
*$2,000 Total Down, including first months payment
*10K miles per year

$435 Tax & Fees included based on L.A county 9.5% tax rate

Includes BMW loyalty

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Where are the details? I don’t see MSRP, sales price, which incentives are applied/needed, MF or RV.


Can the corporate fleet and loyalty be added to this?

Edit: Admins. Please check your inbox by the end of day (or sometime this week). Thank you.


Then you have a lot of post to clean up there’s a lot of post that have been up for days in the market place not following the template just like this one just mentioning drive off and monthly payments.

Nice deal on a $53k car that does 0 to 60 is 5.1 seconds. Unfortunately my mid-life crisis hit after I signed my Tiguan lease which I still have 31 months remaining.


Nothing wrong with practicality on a tiguan, it’s just a car don’t beat yourself up. Besides there are cheaper options for a mid life crisis im sure, not that I would know im 24 lol.


And this is preventing you from entering the second phase of the crisis, which is to find a younger girlfriend …


email me some details : r91511 at gmail

My apologies for the incomplete details.
I just received the demo special on the 340i with the details given above.

Tiguan is an amazing car!
If you’d like I can ask any of our potential Tiguan buyers in the future if they are interested to take over your lease or even help you post up the car for a lease takeover :slight_smile:

You may want to check because as far as I remember, VW doesnt do complete lease takeover. Original leasee stays on the hook.


please send me the details by PMing me. thx!

That is correct, they do stay on the hook, but there are certain ways of doing it to ensure you don’t end up getting screwed over.

Can you explain how to ensure you don’t get screwed over?

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Its impossible. Even if the new lessee prepays all remaining payments in advance, if he drives car without insurance and ends up totalling it, the remainder is both parties liability. Please feel free to correct me if Im wrong.

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I can draft a contract and sue for breach of contract, but he/she takes the car down to Mexico and decide that they want to just stay there forever, I would still be liable; and there wouldn’t really be much that I can do. I’m hoping that my wife goes back to work soon, and we can get an au pair, and the au pair can drive the Tiguan.

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Is this vehicle still available? Where is it located?

Not every manufacturer holds the original leaseholder liable after the transfer, but unfortunately, AUDI and V.W are.
Whenever we have clients that do lease transfers with AUDI or V.W we always recommend them to draft an official contract and have an insurance broker secure a 12-month insurance policy paid upfront.
It’s still definitely a risky transaction, but so is Co-signing for someone else’s car.

By all means sir, I completely agree with you, but we always try to offer a solution by any measures to eliminate the problem you have in the automotive field.