BMW 340 Lease in NJ area

What’s a reasonable discount off msrp for BMW 340xi? I’ve gotten 9.5% so far, curious to see how others gave fared in the tri-state area. Example of the best deal in getting so far.

MSRP : 59110
Sale price: 53521
Money factor: 0.00166
residual : 61%
Doc: 599
Bank fee: 925
Tax: 1623.83
luxary tax; 214.09
Tire Tax: 6
Temp Tag: 6
DMV : 304.50
Rebate : 3000

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What is monthly payment. Mf is slightly marked up. My opinion 9.5% is not a bad discount for a new one.

Comes to 619, 2k upfront with 1st payment included. The money factor was the same at another dealership. Should it be lower? I was hoping to get to 500s, but since I don’t have a BMW currently no other rebates.

MF is not marked up. BMW this month is 0.00166

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Did you also get the OL code? This will save you another $1,000 if you did not.

I don’t see much more in it unless you can stack some rebates, you are slightly below cost. Corporate, college grad, and search the forum for where to get an ol code. As mentioned you are getting base mf.

What’s the OL code and how do I get it?

Not trying to sound like too much of an ass but…Go to the search box type in “ol code”. It’s a $1000 off from bmw. Get them various ways.

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Sorry, I’m new to this forum, but thanks.

Sign up for this and you will get an online code

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If you spoon feed them how will they learn?



Appreciate the help.

Got the code!!! Thanks guys.

I will make sure to pay it forward.

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If you become bmwcca member for 3 years with fee of $134, you may be eligible to get $500 rebate. Please check this,


Can’t be combined with fleet though.