BMW 330xi GT Demo for $398 Month

I am a client advisor atr a NJ BMW dealer and we have this demo currently available:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
Current Miles:


Annual Mileage:

Total Due At Signing:
Down Payment:
Monthly Payment (incl. tax):

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I’m assuming this wasn’t grandfathered in, so incentives can’t be used. What’s the discount from MSRP + MF being used?

Finally some east coast action!


You’re correct about the incentives.

Purchase Price: $36,761
MF: .000152

Good price! …

Agreed…that’s solid

Shouldn’t MF be .00156 this month? Also, the payment is probably very sightly cheaper if you waive the acq fee in lieu of a .0005 MF bump.


Will this still qualify for mfr. maintenance?

What dealer are you at? I’m not in the market for a 2 or 3 series, but might be in one for an x1 or x3. You can pm details if you prefer.

Yes, the vehicle is covered for maintenance.

Question…why are you charging a disposition fee as part of upfront? If I stick with a BMW after this lease is over, you wouldn’t owe a dispo fee?

Also, that upfront money doesn’t add up. Bank fee + first payment + dispo fee would equal 1673, and that’s before doc + reg

Maybe I should word it a little differently but the takeaway is that if you lease the vehicle all you would have to pay is $1,472 out of pocket which covers all fees and the first months payment.

Is this deal available in ny?

Yes. We are in NJ and you can lease it from us.

I’m interested. Could you please pm me?

Nice deal, does this include any type of fleet discount?

nice deal but it is a 53k 3 series in the hunchback of Notredame version lol…

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No Fleet on any Demos

That’s correct, no fleet on demos. Thanks GAngellBMW!

Actually so much more useful than 3 series. I believe it’s built on 7 series platform. So much room in back seat.