BMW 330i XDrive Deal


Hey everyone,

I’m very new to car finances and leasing in general, I’m currently looking at signing on my first lease. I’m working with a friends father (dealer GM) in getting a good deal. The 3500 cash down includes first payment and is considered DAS. Any tips or criticism is helpful since I’m very new to this. Could I push further?

$550 a month on a 330? Sounds like he’s not a very good friend.

Edit : missed the $1500 rebate being part of the $5k das

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Based on the random residual value, I assume this is a loaner with around 1,500 miles on it? Try to get closer to 15% off before incentives.

The monthly payment is $407 (including taxes since in Ohio) currently, but yeah the 1500 rebate goes off DAS

It’s a “company car”, so only used by a executive/manager, not a service or loaner

About $500 a month by the time you factor in your high due at sale.

$500 a month on a loaner 330 is ridiculous.

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I picked up a service loaner with 1500 miles for 1500 DAS 340 a month including tax. 3500 DAS and over 400 a month is ridiculous.


Even more ridiculous on a $49k specimen.


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I’ve been on this website for years now and spend entirely too much time reading it. In all that time, I have seen ONE case of a “family friend” or a “guy you know” offering to hook someone up and it actually being a good deal.

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Thanks for the replies everyone, this site seems to have a great community :slight_smile: I’ll be going to see him again on Friday, looking at a car with a lower MSRP, and will keep this in mind. Heck, I may even go to a sister Alfa Romeo dealer and get something much cheaper. Any more feedback is still always appreciated!!

Just because you’re looking at a car with a lower MSRP and hopefully a lower payment, it still doesn’t mean it’ll be a good deal, i.e. payment relative to MSRP.

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