BMW 330i Loaner - July 2019

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Negotiated the lease below on a 2019 330i loaner (~4,000 miles).

2019 330i Loaner (Convenience, Premium, Executive, Driver Assistance Professional, Remote Engine Start)
MSRP $52,545.00
Discount: $8,946.00
Incentives: $3,000.00 ($2K loyalty, $1K lease cash)
Total Discount: $11,946 (22.7%)
Final Price (pre-tax): $42,409.00

Lease Terms: 36-month/12k lease
MSD: $3,500
Pre MSD Monthly Payment: $500
Post MSD Monthly Payment: $473
Leasehackr Score 9.7 years

I know he is marking up the money factor to 0.00185. We went back and forth on it but ultimately he wasn’t budging. My challenge is I’m not finding many 330s in my area with the Parking Assistance or Executive packages (I want the 360 camera).

We’ve agreed in principle, though I think his most recent quote still has some numbers that don’t quite tie out. Not the 20% off for a Loaner but let me know your thoughts otherwise.

Leasehackr Calculator

I’d say buy rate or they need to knock off another $1000, or ask for both and settle for one

I think my challenge is we’ve agreed in principle. I basically told him if he could get me to $500/month pre-MSD I’d do it. Outside of the principle of paying the premium over the buy rate, I’m struggling to come up with a reason to push further back. He previously was at $8,200 pre-incentive discount, so he came down another $750.

Car was put into service in March, so I can service it in March 2022, about 4 months before lease will end. Really only other concern would be the wear on the tires.

Right now I am planning to sign and pick up on Saturday. I suppose I can try tomorrow with cold feet to see if he can do any more off but also hate to be that person…

Oh don’t feel bad, they won’t. Never hurts to ask or pretend like you’re going to walk, you’ll need tires for sure if you drive the 36k. Run flats suck. In the future I wouldn’t use the tactic of, “I’ll do a deal if you can get the payment to $XXX” unless that number is of the unicorn variety, otherwise you’re leaving money on the table

Pretty impressive discount on the loaner but yes they are recovering that discount on a huge marked up MF. Just to give you an idea I got 18.5 % off my loaner with a small MF mark up of .00150. Yours seems to be more loaded with options I ended up with $380 payments with 7x MSD 12k/36 with a MSRP of 47k.

Yep, already replaced all four on my 5 series and likely getting charged for the 2 rear tires that are maybe 15 months old with probably 10K-12K miles.

Fair point on the payment. I think I was a little gunshy because of another deal that fell through earlier in the day and knowing that there just aren’t many builds out there with the specs I want. The payment is still below where I wanted to be, so there is a win there, just not necessarily in the unicorn territory.

How many miles did it have and was your discount with or without incentives?The MSRP was where they kept pushing back, basically saying its a $52.5K car that is basically new.

You should hold out for buy rate.

4,200 and it was before incentives

Have the dealer pay for anything that may be owed when you return that lease

Ha, how does that work. Does the “we owe” say you turn in the car trashed, good luck with that

Well obviously not if the cars trashed…minor scratches and what not that they may charge for…they’re pretty forgiving if you’re going into another car

let me know which dealer this is after you buy it, having no luck in ga