BMW 330i Lease Help

I am looking to get into a new lease and have been considering a 2017 330i linked below for a 36/10 or 36/12 lease term.

From what I have gathered looking through others posts, I should be aiming for about 7% off MSRP before any incentives? I received an email about a BMW Holiday Lease Credit of $4,500, but it states it is for a 2018 model, so I am wondering how to further lower the cap cost if that wont apply to this car. I also currently lease a BMW, so a loyalty rebate should be applied?

I am pretty new to this but from what I understand the figures I should be focused on for now are lowering the cap cost and then the MF. Where I am lost here is where credit will play in here since the credit I will be working with is not too great (600’s range).

I would greatly appreciate any help as far as what info I am missing here or if you can give a breakdown to what I should be paying for that car, and how to arrive at that number.

( ) - MSRP $44,700

All the incentives apply for the 17s as well. The $4,500 is $3k in Holiday + $1.5k in loyalty.

You can also stack: $500 in Corp Fleet (if ur eligible).

You should push for like 10% off before incentives. I can tell you that you can get that here in the North East no problem.

Here is about where you should be (36/10k = $379/mo w/ ~$1,685 out of pocket):

Thank you for the quick response. Would you mind showing me how you arrived at that monthly and that inital cost? Would be much appreciated!

Also, where does the bad credit play in here?

ISorry, i missed that bad credit part. That would change the MF to .00202 (I believe).

Here is how I got there (now $413/mo based on revised MF):

MSRP = $44,700
Sales Price = $40,230 (10% off)

MF = .00202 (added .0005 points for the 600 credit)

Residual = 61% for 36/10k, 60% for 36/12k, or 58% for 36/15k

I used 6% tax, because that’s what I remembered for FL. If that’s not right, just update this lease calculator:

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