BMW 330i 2018 lease - good deal?

Just got a quote for 330i lease for 10k/36m with MSRP $46,595. Don’t remember every number as I didn’t get the paper.

They offered $3500 DAS and $350 month including all taxes (NorCal - 9% tax).

Is this ok or can we do better?


Not too bad I guess? You’re effective monthly is 447$ (3500/36 + 350), under the 1% rule. I would push for bigger discount (not sure if you’re going to get much). Also whats in that $3500 DAS.

24mo numbers are better than 36 right now. You can’t find a loaner?

Just the way the RV is being offered right now

What he said.

Don’t have it in front of me, but its something like an additional 7% drop for the 3rd year. So, on a loaner, I got about 29% off after incentives. With a 66% residual, that leaves just 2.5% to pay per year. When you add year 3, that goes up to about 4% a year. Could have been a 6% difference on year 3, but you get the idea.

This is in line with what I was quoted in SoCal for a non-loaner. I’m going to try to get a loaner at some point (current lease isn’t up until end of March so I’m not in a huge time crunch).

There seems to be plenty around at Socal dealerships, I’m sure in NorCal the situation is similar. Beamers everywhere!

That’s highly dependent on the dealer discount…,not a given.

Yes, of course, as I detailed with my example numbers.

However, even with a nonloaner like the one the OP posted and, let’s say, a rather reasonable 13% discount plus the $5k incentives, that puts this $46,595 car at 76% after all discounts. So pay off the 10% difference in 2 years vs 17% over 3 years. You’d have to get a pretty crappy deal for the 3 years to make sense, I think.

Thank you all. Even though they have a loaner which would work out to be cheaper, they want to push this newer one. I’ll also check if 2yr lease would be much better deal as you are suggesting…