BMW 330i 12/36 month lease

Hi Leasehackrs,

I got the below deal for a bmw 330i year : 2017.

MSRP = 41745
Selling Price = 37485
Rebate = 3000
Cap = 34485
Res = 60%
MF = 0.00152

Lease comes to 385 per month.

Drive off: 2055 includes first month payment (385) Acquistation fee (925) + Rebate tax (Its CA - 293) + Registration(373) and Doc fee (80).

Is it a good deal ?

About 10% discount before rebate. What year is this? 2017 or 2018?

Yes , It is 2017 model.

I would shoot for 12-15% off before rebate if you’re not in a rush since it’s the end of the month.

That was informative Thanks :slight_smile:

Solid numbers overall, considering the fact that BMW leases suck lately.
Try to lower the selling price by a tad to sweeten the deal.
Does the car have the lighting package of front and rear LED?

Thanks for the comments. It just has driving assistance package and moon-roof.

As someone who didn’t get it on their 3 series and regrets it, get the premium package. It comes with a sunroof, so that’s a big part of the cost but adds on Comfot Access and LED headlights and SXM radio.

Yes I am looking for that too, it is just difficult to find a 2017 near my area having just driver assistance and premium package in the specific colour. I just needed camera and moonroof , so compromised on the headlight. Btw, which car you got instead of the 330i.

Nice deal. Got fed up with local BMW dealers here so I settled for a 300C Benz.

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I have a 2016, so it’s a 328i xDrive.

Personally, I would never get a non-loaded luxury brand…I’ve done it, and I felt shortchanged and stupid every time I drove it.

Rather have a loaded honda or toyota than a stripped german…I live in LA and can’t drive fast anyway!

Not sure how you stand on shopping other brand but you can definitely get more “bang for your buck” on an S90 volvo loaded T6, E300 loaner or a Jag XF.