BMW 330 E 2018 lease deal

Have following deal quoted:
socal 92606
BMW 330E
36mo/10k lease
MSRP 55120
Sale price 50120
MF unknown,
out of pocket 1710 for first payment, license, doc fee, and title.
monthly 457 without tax

qualified for college grad 1000,
fleet discount 500
another 5000 from bmw
so total should be 6500
Not sure if this is a good deal,
Tried the calculator showing 954 drive off with 468 incl tax with 0.00166 as mf


what is that exactly ? you mean discount off MSRP ?

the dealer states like that, i assume it is lease incentive?

to me looks like the difference between MSRP and selling price

The dealer say he discounted the price from 55120 to 50120, and there’s 5000 incentive from BMW if I lease it through BMW. That makes total discount of 10000.

you need better explanation, this doesn’t sound right

dealer says its lease credit…

Anyway… what price should I be looking at…

maybe @BMW_Dave or @Samson can chime in or get him a better deal. I’m not too familiar with electric rebates in CA.

Fleet is treated differently not applied directly to rebate line (back end money) so it is $478 with tax. You should be able to get an additional $600 off and that will be a decent deal.

how’s the test drive incentive works. Its 1000 but I havent mentioned to the dealership yet. If I want to apply the test drive, can I still get additional 600 off?


It’s $500 from BMW and $500 cost for the dealership. So its a real $500 rebate, I would negotiate the selling price but expect the discount to be $500 if they are truly at the base line. for example if they are $2,000 below invoice you use that incentive now they are $2,500.