BMW 320xi Loaner, 45k msrp, 283 + tax [NJ/PA]

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 BMW 320i xDrive]

MSRP: [$45,XXX]
Selling Price: [$36,XXX]
Rebates: [$3,000] If you qualify for loyalty or grad, those can be added in

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00202]
Residual: [66%]

Total Due At Signing: [1st month + dmv + doc (141)]
Downpayment: [$0]
Monthly Payment: [$283] + tax

Leasehackr Score: [12.8]

Is this still available?

Sold, sorry (not through me)

Hey I hope you dont mind if i run this deal by you. I got a deal on a preowned c300 coupe 4matic over 10k miles on it for $345 per month (all fees and taxes included), max MSD (4500) 36/10 – this dealer is outside of NY so I was able to do MSD and they even applied fleet to bring it down from 360 per month. What do you think ?