BMW 320i x drive~Is this a good deal?

Is this lease a good deal?

Luke, the force is weak with this one.

Find the search bar, type E300 loaner, look at the price paid (20% off, 342) and then you will know what a good lease is …

I haven’t been here long, but I know already that the Cap Cost Reduction >$0 is a loser for sure.

That’s a bit unfair…those are loaners, this new, so not quite apples to apples.

That being said, this is horrible, no good, run don’t walk away from it lease.

Edit: Never mind, I missed the 5k on the odometer. My god, do dealers actually get away with this shit? Note to self: get a job as a lease guy at the local BMW store.

@Boomba this 320 is actually a loaner too with 5k. Terrible deal.

Yes, terrible deal.

OP, they are only giving you a discount of 3.5%, only $1,400, for a used car. You are also taking a hit on the residual because it is used. Plus they are asking for cash down from you. You are putting down more than their discount.

If you brought in a 320 to sell to the dealer what would they offer you? They’d tell you how much it depreciated when you drove away in it and low ball the hell out of you.

I would want to see a selling price of no more than $34,000 or I’d walk away from this one. You can do way better.