BMW 3-series MSRP discounts & lease eval

What are people seeing as discount on BMW 2016 3 series ?

I am getting about 14% off a 328i with Navigation and Driver assistance (PDCs)

MSRP - $43,990
Sales price - $37,900
12k Miles per yr
$1813 down
MF 0.00134
Residual 63%
$374 before tax
$418 per month

Thoughts ?

Can I do better ?

63% for 36 month is 10k a year.

62% would be the correct residual.

And yes.

I will sell you a similar car with 5800 miles on it. An ex-loaner car.


12,000 miles per year.

$43745 MSRP. With navigation and sport pkg.

$362 a month before taxes.

First payment at signing.

Where? I’m in san diego

That one is in SC right now.

But I have cars currently on the way to the L.A. area.

I will look some of them up for you.

Just PM your mileage requirements and anything else you are looking for.

12k miles a year
Looking for a deal like the 328i for under $300 a month with msd. Trying to get something with good gas mileage

Do you have any 3-Series wagons?

you’re available in the bay area?

Was there any negotiation to get to that sale price? Also, there is a $1500 option allowance from BMW, so the discount is really only 10%.

Have you considered MSDs to lower the MF? Do you qualify for fleet discount?

Do you have any 428/435 gran Coupes with lease specials?

This guy wouldn’t do any better. he would only do another $500 off.

MSRP - $43,990
Sales price - $37,400
12k Miles per yr
$1800 down
MF 0.00134
Residual 63%
$359 before tax
$391 per month

7 MSD would bring me to $356 after tax and total down of $4565.

That is not a good deal for me. Time to find about dealership


The leases are not as good though as the 3-series.

The 4-series is in good demand.

I have 2016 428 grand coupes. They are a little below or little above $500 a month with 0-down… Just first payment, tax, and dmv.

That’s not bad, and don’t forget you get the MSDs back at lease end.

But if you have more dealers in your area, keep reaching out to see if they can do better. A lot of the crazy good deals seem to be in southern California, where there is a lot of competition.

Thanks for the update.