BMW 3 Series Lease. What option looks better?


Hey All,

First post. I’m purchasing a 3 series this week and I’m interested in your feedback.

The first option is a new 330i lease. The MSRP is $46,445 and they’re offering me $42,400 with a monthly payment of $420 before taxes. It has the premium package as well as the live cockpit pro.

The second option is a retired loaner vehicle. It’s the exact same car/color. ORIGINAL MSRP $47,510.00. Their price is $40,990 and it has 4379 miles. Monthly payment is $378.

Obviously, I think the better option would be to go with brand new for just 2K more. But, I haven’t started negotiations with the retired loaner vehicle dealership. So, my question: what price do you think is fair/would you pay for the retired loaner vehicle?


Are you purchasing or leasing? looks like you meant leasing.
Honestly, there isn’t enough info in your post to make a sound choice. What’s the dealer discount? What’s incentives baked into this? What incentives you qualify for? What’s the MF on this deal? What’s the total due at signing amount?
Hard to tell without any of this.

I’d, and most people here, would say second deal is better and I’d take it over new. Why pay 2K when ur renting a car for 3 years anyways.

Yup, meant leasing (won’t let me edit).

The quotes were both sent through Auto Nation from the dealer. It doesn’t brake down the discount, unfortunately.

I can update once I go in and learn more.

Your first mistake is to talk to an autonation dealership.
your second mistake would be to walk into a dealership before finalizing numbers.

See my other post. For loaners, depending on mileage, 14-20% off is a good target, depending on mileage but also many many other factors.

Got it, thanks!

Welcome @RG2 As you review BMW 330i deal posts here (and there are lots of them) you will see a common piece of advice - do NOT speak to a dealer until you know the deal you want.

You don’t want to learn anything at a dealership, do all your learning BEFORE you engage a dealer. @boozinix laid out a good road map for you.

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Noted! Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

This gentleman continues to give excellent advice.

It’s not as much about haggling as it is more about knowing the numbers. Sure you can go in and he spits something at you like, for example, 3k down 500 a month and you work him down to 2k down 450 months. You walk away thinking you got a great deal.

If you knew the numbers (RV/MF/Rebates?MRSP % off, etc) you could have walked out with 1500k 350 a month. And you don’t need to speak to the dealers to get the numbers. Just dig a little on this site and edmunds.

Take the Fart car it"s under 5000 Farts. :upside_down_face:

Based on the numbers you originally provided, it looks like the dealer is offering you close to the same pre-incentive discount on both cars (based on monthly payments) which obviously is not where you want to be. The only way you will be able to make a sound decision is to a) get as much data as you can and b) get the data plugged in to an accurate calculator so you can see what levers can still be pulled.

Take it from someone who played the “I only care about the monthly payment” game an embarrassing number of times in the past. Being armed with info before you get to the dealer is a truly liberating feeling.