BMW 3-Series - 2018 330i GT Lease - Help requested


I’ve been offered a 2018 330i Gran Turismo to be factory ordered for 5K below MSRP which includes the $3000 holiday credit. So only a 2K discount from the dealer. Looks like the MF is marked up to .00192 and residual is 61%

I will ask them for the base MF which is .00152. What I’m interested to hear from you all is how much room i have to negotiate the selling price further? I live in the Minneapolis region.

Also the ‘License fees’ is $600. Is that normal?

Bump! Anyone has any thoughts?

Truecar shows me 11.5% off MSRP. But the quote is not from a Truecar certified dealer. How do I get them to match that price?

You should be able to get to ~12% off, especially since 2018 is the last year of this body style. Where are you located? I’d be happy to introduce you to my CA and get you that type of deal.

@rkinra I am in Minneapolis. But willing to travel a decent amount. How about you/your CA?

Here in southern California that would be a terrible deal. It would be a hell of a drive back to Minnesota but even if you had the car shipped you can save some money. I haven’t kept up on the incentives to dealers but I’d expect you should be about to get at least $3,500 off sticker plus the holiday credit.

I suspect the Truecar price includes the rebate. It would work out to be $500 over invoice which is a fairly standard price for a “regular” BMW here in SoCal. That is roughly $1,500 better than your deal.

When I put these numbers into the calculator:

MSRP $56,860
Selling Price $53,360 ($500 over invoice)
Rebate $3,000

On a zero drive off 36 month lease I get $656 a month. They want $761 after you add in the $3,500 down (and don’t put anything down on a lease!). Up to you how hard you want to push to save a couple of thousand. At minimum you should try to get another $1,000 off sticker from them.

Keep in mind I’m not used to figuring a lease in MN where you pay the tax upfront on the lease but I should be close. I also probably did not figure all the fees which will raise the number slightly.

Don’t let the haters talk you out of the 3GT. If it fits your needs it is an awesome car. I liked my 2014 3GT so much that I bought it at lease end.

Good luck!

For a dealer to know they have a 3gt sold you would be an asset to them. You should be able to get a better deal. Get them to sell you the car for invoice and then apply the rebates.

Hey, send me a PM and I’ll give you my CA’s contact info. He’s at Passport BMW in Marlow Heights, MD. I suspect that you can have them either ship the car to you or do a curtsy delivery at a local Minneapolis dealer (I know they have done curtsy deliveries for other customers).

That was the very first quote I got from the first dealer that replied to me.

I got a few more quotes from dealers in the Chicago area.

But the best one I have so far is $7500 below MSRP (Which I guess basically is invoice minus incentives). Thats about 13% which is still high and the monthly payment is about $535 with the base MF…

I am working with a CA from MD and he is working on beating those numbers and include shipping. So lets see where I go with this. Thanks everyone for your input so far and thanks @rkinra for the referral.

Worst case scenario, I still have a few other models including non-BMW ones that I’d be looking at if this doesnt work out.

Do you qualify for corp Fleet?

Yes. And the $7500 discount includes the corporate fleet of $500

Does it have to be the 3 series GT? The 4 series gran coupe or wagon might do just as well. I picked up a 3 series wagon loaner last month (55k MSRP) for about 41.7k. I won’t compare monthly at $480 because Chicago rates mean you essentially pay 8.5% on total sale price. Most dealers would not talk to me, but I eventually got one to actually negotiate. Motorworks BMW in Barrington I think would at least try, got mine from Bill Jacobs in Naperville.

I looked into the 4-Series GC. Dealers dont seem to be too motivated to discount the GC and the current holiday credit is 1K less on them. A pending 3-Series refresh in 2019 and the GT probably being discontinued from 2019 helps with the negotiation . I did not like the Wagon. I guess, I am one of the very few people in the US who actually likes the GT design since I dont care too much for the sporty drive that the 3-series sedan offers(GT is no slouch either), and also like the increased rear leg room, trunk space and slightly higher seating position.

I finalized my deal with an out of state dealer for $511 a month on a 57K MSRP GT. I will share the dealer and CA info if he allows me once the order is in.