BMW 24 Month Lease Deals

I was just browsing the new car specials on, and noticed that Herb Chambers BMW is advertising 24 month lease deals competitive with, or cheaper than 36 month deals from last month. Is this common practice that as the model year closes out, 24 month lease deals become available?

For example:

2016 328i xDrive deal for September 2016:
$0 down payment, $369 per month, 24 months, 10k per year

2016 328i xDrive deal for August 2016:
$0 down payment, $399 per month, 36 months, 10k per year

Same dealership!

Yup not just same dealership but same car (look at stock number it is same) LOL But beware the “Cap reduction” 4k down is a lot more when over 24 months compared with 36. Basically Herb Chambers is a bait and switch. I visited both their Boston and Sudbury location and the good deals just happened to be sold but they had a better car for just $100 more lol