BMW 228i Lease Assumption

i have a 2014 BMW 228i available for lease transfer.

Estoril Blue/Black interior with M sports package.

Equipment list in the attachment from vin lookup (i don’t have original window sticker anymore)

Current milage 17,800.

Total miles allowed: 30,000

Montly lease payment: $420.32

Lease maturity date: 06/23/17
(approx 9 mo left on lease, about 1300 mi/mo left for remainder of lease). BMW will typically allow you to extend 2 months if you ask nicely, i’ve done it every time and never been turned down so potentially you can have the car for an extra 2 months but no guarantees, it’s at the discretion of BMW.

Car is in excellent condition, nothing wrong with it, i just need a bigger car at this point.

This is a great short term lease, with plenty of miles.

Interested person needs to have excellent credit to assume lease.
Everything is done electronically online and final paperwork needs to be sent via Fedex to BMW.
Takes about 7-10 days to complete if no issues or delays submitting information.

Do not reach out if you have bad credit or are looking to keep the car in my name.

Only serious inquiries only for lease assumption of people willing to do the BMW financial service application. The cost involved to assume the car are the BMW transfer fee paid to BMW directly of $500+tax.

Car is located in Miami, FL

Too much. Get the M235i for a bit more if not same price new.

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only if you put tons of $ upfront. Try leasing a new 228 with no money down…mid $500s even with MSDs. The program is not good on those at this time.

This is a good lease for a person looking for a short term car.

How does a lease transfer work for state sales tax? Do I have to treat this like a purchase when I register the car in Virginia? If so, the tax is going to kill the deal.

Adam, I was on the other end of this, transferring a car from Virginia. The key question to ask is if VA will recognize tax paid to another state. Fl pays tax on the monthly payment, i don’t believe you will get any credit from FL, but might be worth a call to the DMV to find out if you are truly interested.

OP good luck to you, but i doubt you will find a buyer here. I posted my14 328i msport with 1500 miles a month and a lease of 1% of msrp monthly (and i am guessing your payment is more than 1%) and got no bites. Had it on CL and tons of interest from sketchy people but no one ready to put down the transfer fee. Put it up on swap a lease (they gave me a 50% discount on my package) and a deal was made within 4 days, I split the $500 transfer fee with them. If you want the name of my rep let me know and i will see if i can dig it up for you.

I’d consider this if it were manual and located closer to me. The 2er is not a particularly good lease compared to BMW’s bread-and-butter, the 3-series, so the monthly is reasonable. This could be great for someone who wants a short-term lease. Best of luck with the transfer!

Yes, when you register an out of state car in VA, you have to prove the sales tax was paid in another state, otherwise you are on the hook for 4.15% of the value assigned by the DMV (blue book).

I assume if the tax was paid or financed upfront on the sales price like Maryland and VA does, then VA would not require it be paid. I’ll find out for sure, otherwise I’ll never be in the market to take over a lease if I have to pay the sales tax. It doesn’t hurt too bad on a cheaper car, but adds significant cost to the lease on a more expensive car.


I called BMW financial to find out, CS rep didn’t know the answer right away but will call me back with the answer.

@michael thank you for chiming in.

You are correct, the leases on 2 series are not at all comparable with the 3 series or 5 series which BMW is pretty much giving away. It’s really a specialty car for someone who likes a “driver’s” car. It’s one of those “if you want this car you gotta pay for it” types of leases. The lease programs are currently very bad, I couldn’t believe how high they were. For someone looking for a 2, my payment is a very good payment and a lot of miles left on it.

Also this car really handles well and has the paddle shifters and M package. While it’s not a manual it’s still alot of fun.

I agree this doesn’t make sense to ship to you in CA from FL for this short term but I appreciate the nice words from someone who understands that this is not a 320.

Definitely a specialty car not for everybody but for the person who appreciates it and knows how expensive the leases are it’s a bargain.

@Conan i’ll put it on swapalease if i get to interest, wanted to try here before i pay swapalease. Thanks for the input

Adam, MD to VA and vice versa is relatively easy and tax free from MD to VA since they pay 6% on the price of the vehicle up front and VA recognizes taxes paid from MD. Best case coming from florida is his (im assuming) roughly $40 a month in taxes x the 20 or so months he leased the car = $800 towards the taxes.

They were NEVER able to find out for me, I probably spent 2 hours OTP between BMW financial, VA Dmv and MD mva. What FS told me is that once they transfer it they get a bill and pass it on to the assumee. But maybe they can figure it out for you.

ok my final word of advice, (i know i sound like a swap a lease sales person but I am not) I paid $150 for my package after trying for 6 weeks on my own, it saved me at least a payment which was $475 in my case. I already had my new car through so it was just burning money each day the car sat.

I just made a payment, will wait a few days if not i’ll put it on swapalease for sure.

Try Craigslist as well!

I ended up putting car on swapalease.

here’s the link if anybody is interested:

Herb Chambers’ Offer

$209 per month for 36 months
$3,999 cash due at signing
Applies to select new 2016 BMW 228i.
Offer only valid 9-08-2016 through 9-30-2016

your herb chambers fine print:
*Lease is for 36 months 10k miles per year with $3,995 down. Leases exclude tax, title, license, first month’s payment, acquisition fee, documentation and registration fees.

By the time it’s all said and done it’s $6000 out of pocket with only 10k mi. If you rolled all that into the payment you’re at about the same payment as me with less miles and 3 years.

My car is meant for someone who wants a short term lease with a lot of miles.

Like I said earlier this car needs to be like $100 a month cheaper to move. I just had to throw 3.800$ at someone to take my X5M and it was practically new and already had a ridiculously low payment.

From the picture you posted, this is very basic 228. Not even nav and backup camera? That makes it hard to move the car. I agree with Phantom that you need to lower the payment to under $400 to get some decent interests.

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