BMW 2021 X3 XDrive (NEW)- 570mth

Pick up a 2021 X3 MSport 2days ago. Dealer in MD, can provide if any one looking. No haggling ask for what i wanted and was given, plus free All weather mats. Well worth my 4hrs drive from NYC, I think its a solid deal on 2021…btw the sales person and dealership, top notch… only downside $499 dealer fee. Updated with calculator.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW X3 Msport- lots of options.
MSRP: $55370
Selling : 48726
Incentives: $1750- minus after selling price.
Monthly Payment: $570
Drive-Off Amount: $1500(570fm+499df+157tax+274dmv)
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF:. 00082
Residual: 56
Incentives: 1750
Region: MD
Leasehackr Score: 8.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

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Can you post the selling price? Otherwise it’s not helpful to other members.


Ouch - could of gotten a x3m40i for that monthly payment.
Enjoy !

Need more info on deal.
@nyclife has some really good deals going on builds.

Also, post some pics! Congrats.

Updated with link

I tried, believed me, but couldn’t find a well optioned M40i like mine for the price. Everything was over $64k, thats getting into X5 money. I was really surprise how fast pick this truck have, didn’t expect it, but i have a baby GTR (Q50RS) which is very very fast.

Keep checking the build will be crazy in a month’s time…lots of parts on the way.

And then post it for transfer a couple months later

Nice! I was looking at getting a $65,000 X3 M40i last month and the leases were probably $150-200 more per month here in Missouri (this included ~$10k off the sticker price). I didn’t get far enough in the weeds on Money Factor/etc but they were not near $570 so I think you did well on the turbo 4 model. I had a 2019 X3 30i XDrive and thought it had plenty of pickup.

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I hear you, i was looking for 12% plus incentives and got it on a 2021. And this truck had Msport all the safety options i needed. Fits right into my budget, the $499 dealer fee is the only downside on this deal.


Hey- In the market for an M series. Can you hook me up with the Broker/dealer?

You can find broker and dealers under “Marketplace.”

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I think this is a great deal. I have the same car, but in Black Sapphire exterior X3 3.0 Premium back/M Sport pack/Harmon Kardon etc. (my sticker was $58,540 - I have some rare options like ventilated seats, acoustic glass, carbon fiber trim, and rear sunshades)…Car really moves (I think it’s faster than the claimed 6.0 sec - 0-60) and I think you got a great deal. Mine is a year old (I have a 2020) and it looks great. I pay a little bit more than you per month; money factors were higher a year ago and residuals were virtually the same. You’ll always be ‘in the money’ on your lease (value of the car will always be ahead of the lease buyout at any given time) given you negotiated well and you have a highly spec’d car that I’d imagine the market will really want. Congrats. Everyone here telling you that you could have gotten into a X3 M40i doesn’t realize the one ‘you want’ (and I’d want) stickers for closer to $65-67K with that engine and options and essentially on the negotiated sale price will be $7-8K more and thus roughly a $700-720/month payment (if you’re lucky).

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Hate to break it to you but that’s probably not true.


I hear you… there’s alway that person…yes my budget was $575, there’s no way you can get a 2021 M40i with the options for that price. I wanted a Msport with all the safety features which I got. I don’t drive daily and maybe weekends so this 4 banger is just ok for now, which mostly be driven by my daughter.
I do my homework when buying cars, been doing it for 25yrs…I stop financing and start leasing the last 12yrs(no more patience to fix cars)… 7 brand new cars in the last 10yrs… I think I have some idea about acceptable offers, that’s why I drive 4hrs to Maryland and didn’t buy in NYC.

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Couldn’t agree more

Very nice car, congrates!

The X3 M40i starts at only 1k more than this car.

Your comment is useless because he couldn’t have had a similarly optioned X3 M40i for that amount.

Just saying “could have had an M40i for that payment” is meaningless if you don’t compare the cars by any standard. There are people paying more for an M340i than a 540i, yet you don’t hear people saying “oh you could have had a 5 series” because it’s a ridiculous comparison.

Also, your comment seems to stand on the idea that he would have considered a loaner and been able to find one, because since the M40i starts 1k more than this car and has the same residual, money factor, and incentives, that would mean that if he did get even a totally base X3M40i with the exact same deal parameters, it would not be cheaper.


Your comment is pointless going from a M340i to a 540i is a totally different car.
A X3 and a X3 m40i are built on the same chassis and interior layout.

You as a broker should know that for a X3 at that price point is close to a X3 M40i.
“lots of options” could mean anything on top of the M Sport option for cosmetics which you already get when you enter a m40i line.

Here is what I got and my break down for the 2021 x3 m40i - as you can see I had more incentives + 4 MSD’s bringing it down to $600 a month and no It was not a loaner as you can see.

Executive Package, Shadowline Package, harman kardon speakers, and carbon fiber dash.

I can only assume you’re trolling. There are so many variables which you are simply ignoring.

If you compare them on the same standard, then your comment, as I said, is pointless.

When you say he “could have had an X3 M40i” for that price you assume that he:

  1. Could have gotten more money in incentives, which obviously wasn’t possible for him.
  2. Was willing to pay MSD’s

If you equalize your two deals, and have him do 4 MSD’s and him pay acq up front, which you did, he is now at $526/mo with tax to your $600.

Further, if you apply this same incentives to his deal to make them apples to apples, he is at $488/mo.

But like I said, this would be ridiculous, because he didn’t qualify for those incentives, so even if he did want an M40i, it’s not like he magically would then qualify. He also didn’t want to do MSD’s, and he didn’t want to roll in his acq fee.

Do you not see the problem with your logic? You’re comparing a different months program, different incentive structures, and a deal with no MSD’s. He actually got a better deal than you. He got more money off, with all the incentives he qualified for, and base MF.

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