BMW 2021 X3 XDrive (NEW)- 570mth

Pick up a 2021 X3 MSport 2days ago. Dealer in MD, can provide if any one looking. No haggling ask for what i wanted and was given, plus free All weather mats. Well worth my 4hrs drive from NYC, I think its a solid deal on 2021…btw the sales person and dealership, top notch… only downside $499 dealer fee. Updated with calculator.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW X3 Msport- lots of options.
MSRP: $55370
Selling : 48726
Incentives: $1750- minus after selling price.
Monthly Payment: $570
Drive-Off Amount: $1500(570fm+499df+157tax+274dmv)
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF:. 00082
Residual: 56
Incentives: 1750
Region: MD
Leasehackr Score: 8.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

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Can you post the selling price? Otherwise it’s not helpful to other members.


Ouch - could of gotten a x3m40i for that monthly payment.
Enjoy !

Need more info on deal.
@nyclife has some really good deals going on builds.

Also, post some pics! Congrats.

Updated with link

I tried, believed me, but couldn’t find a well optioned M40i like mine for the price. Everything was over $64k, thats getting into X5 money. I was really surprise how fast pick this truck have, didn’t expect it, but i have a baby GTR (Q50RS) which is very very fast.

Keep checking the build will be crazy in a month’s time…lots of parts on the way.

And then post it for transfer a couple months later

Nice! I was looking at getting a $65,000 X3 M40i last month and the leases were probably $150-200 more per month here in Missouri (this included ~$10k off the sticker price). I didn’t get far enough in the weeds on Money Factor/etc but they were not near $570 so I think you did well on the turbo 4 model. I had a 2019 X3 30i XDrive and thought it had plenty of pickup.

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I hear you, i was looking for 12% plus incentives and got it on a 2021. And this truck had Msport all the safety options i needed. Fits right into my budget, the $499 dealer fee is the only downside on this deal.