BMW 2021 M850xi

We have a 2021 BMW M850xi that we need to move to someone in California. Color is Aventurin Red.

Due to marketing guidelines we aren’t able to post the deal publicly but use this link and you’ll get a one-time email with the details. (If we post deals in the future you will have to re-enter your email).


Are you able to PM the numbers?

Hey Sean, too many PM so only working over email to keep in all in one space.

UPDATED DEAL: Price lowered ~3% from original post. For some technical issue the vehicle is not showing on the website but is available. If you’ve already gotten the email you’ll have to re-enter to get the new details (emails are scrubbed automatically for this offer), can’t disclose price due to regulations, it’s at buy rate, and Xpel wrap as well. Not checking PMs and CA only. Brand new car, never been registered.

This is by far one of the craziest deals I’ve seen on this car. This is too bad that it’s not open to out of state. I’ve passed it along to a few friends out in CA. Best of luck. Definitely something I would’ve taken in a heartbeat.

Thanks! Trying to get my GM to open it up to other states, and if not this one then maybe future deals at least.

When I click on the link in the email, the car is no longer available.

Oh so tempting and its only 10 miles from me.

Hey John, yeah for some reason it’s not in our inventory feed but the car is still available as of today. Working on getting the inventory bit fixed so it’s viewable online.

how much does payment change doing 2 years?

A 24 month lease is ~$230 higher (53% over 36 vs 57% over 24). Also, vehicle is viewable again online and will open this up to AZ clients. Out of office right now so just relaying info from my partner at the store, Joe.

thanks 202020

Vehicle is sold! @michael / moderators please close and let me know if there’s an @ to tag for closing.

Closed upon request.