Bmw 2019 x3 loaner, is this a good deal?


2019 BMX X3 SDRIVE30i
MSRP 48895
TAX 2601.52
2900 MILES
DOC 799
TAG 125
E FILE 149
1966 DAS
MF .00168

not really sure how to calculate if this is a good deal or not. I do have an email with a code for 1k off that i’m hoping to apply last minute i received direct from BMW.

$540/ mo with $2k DAS on a loaner 19 x3 s30i doesn’t sound like a good deal at all.

MF is marked up. Doc fee is ridiculous, but you are in Fl presumably.

Yup, in Florida. What should the MF be? Where else should I be negotiating?

What’s your tax rate? Doesn’t Fl do tax on the payment, not upfront?

It’s included in that monthly price. 6% I believe

Then their numbers don’t even start to add up. Are you rolling any equity in with a trade in or anything?

With their numbers, I’m getting $467 with $1849 DAS

Not rolling anything negative over.

So they’re showing $4250 in rebates on the purchase quote but only $2000 in rebates being applied to the lease. Which makes up for some of, but not all of the difference. I’d start by going to edmunds to confirm RV/MF/Incentives.

With the adjustment in rebates, I’m still getting $506 /mo with their DAS amount

There’s still something amiss here.

Edit: I accidentally left MSDs turned on in this calculator, nothing is amiss anymore

Where on Edmonds can I find that? I tried searching before posting here and was unable to locate

You’ll need to post here asking for that trim and zip code:

Based on the BMW USA lease deals website, it’s $1,250 lease cash and $750 loyalty/conquest for X3 sDrive in FL, so $2K is the right number.

Sales tax of $2,600 is way too high based on a 6% rate, but could also be the acquisition fee rolled in since its not outlined anywhere else. Still would be a few hundred dollars short of the $2,600.

It’s possible there’s an additional county tax on top of state, I emailed dealer to ask

I believe it’s 7% based on your exact address you included in the screenshot :slightly_smiling_face:

@mllcb42 ‘s calculator gets pretty close with that change.

I know FL is tough, but a maxed out MF is a non starter for me. Buy rate of .00128 and max MSDs would save you around $60/month. 15% discount is decent for the car especially with only 2,900 miles.

The sales tax number is in the purchase column. Autonation loves to do this crap with their lease worksheets. They show the breakdown for a purchase, then show the lease at the bottom with the rebates hidden about as small as they can.

It’s still off by ~$30 a month with the tax rate corrected

Edit: Ignore me, I left MSDs on

Your calculator had max MSDs… i don’t believe he mentioned MSDs. I’m a few dollars off without MSDs.

You’re right. I had played around a couple times with it and hadn’t turned them back off. My bad.

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Well, now that we know things are at least adding up right… back to this not being a stellar deal. With the MF marked up to the max, I’d be digging deeper into the discount. Also, going with a loaner means no BMWCCA rebate. I bet you’d find that you’re not saving any money here by going with a loaner.