BMW 2019 430xi good deal or not


Test drove 2019 430 XI Grand coupe, this is the car, now I need a good deal😬

They offered demo car with 2,121 miles msrp $49,485 selling price $41,836. With rebates and discounts they said $350 month payment and $3,508 DAS. (They added customer cash of $509 to get me to $350 mark). I feel I can get a better deal, but manger and senior sales rep said that was best price.
What do you Hackers think?

Details right, 36 months, 10k year metallic color, they say that’s extra.

Sounds solid but more details would go a long way. What’s in the DAS?

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:hushed: 36 months, 10k a year. Wife really loves it, which was not helping me with the salesman.

Lease sheet perhaps?

Up front charges, tax?

BTW, they’re not giving you any customer cash, thats you making a capital cost reduction based off DAS…

Yes all paid upfront

Consider rolling all fees in and doing an MSD for $3,500 instead which will save you $1,000 over the term.

Thanks for the great advice my fellow Hackr

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Yeah normally I’d say you could do better on the discount but seeing as it’s a 19 and the residuals suck on these it’s about as good as you’re going to do without looking like a mamzeres.

It’s a NY dealer based on the doc fee…no MSDs available

Oh sad day.

OP, confirm?

Yeah don’t want to be mamzares…? Lol, thank you.