BMW 2019 330i lease deal - Help

I was shopping around in Washington state area for the new 330i and received atrocious quotes with 1k down, 750+ per month on a 50k msrp vehicle. I understand the rv is 60% with 0.00177 MF for top tier credit. From another topic i posted about an A5, I got feedback stating the Washington state is a bad market for leasing. However, I received 1 quote which seemed sensible. Here are the details:
MSRP: 48.9k
Total Rebate+ saving: 5.9k
Government Fee: 654
Proc fee: 150
Acq Fee: 925
Adj Cap cost: 44729

For 36 months and 10k miles:
825 down - 617$ pm,
2500 down - 566$ pm

Are these numbers legit? Any other dealer I speak to asks me to take it without even providing a close enough quote. The above dealer says it is inclusive of Seattle tax. Could this be a mistake? Any help would be helpful.

Wouldn’t bother with those numbers. Either find a 2018 or be patient on a 2019.