BMW 2016 328i GT - good deal?

This is on a pre owned BMW 2016 328i xDrive GT w 5000 miles in Virginia.

It includes:
Navigation System ($1,950)
Driver Assistance Package ($950)
Wheels: 19 x 8 Lt Alloy Double-Spoke ($900)

MSRP: $48,295
Sales Price: $37,980
MF: .00174
RV: 59%
Acq: $925
Dealer processing fee: $299
Tire charge: $69

Monthly (fees, taxes, tags): $470

Monthly ($3k fees, taxes, tags upfront): $390

MF marked up to the max

What would be reasonable to negotiate down to?

.00134 then apply max MSD

Is this Silver Spring? $69 is for nitrogen right? Laughable. The discount for a demo is average, as pointed out elsewhere the MF is marked up to the max. There is a lot of work to do for a great deal.

I know this is in Cali, but its 10k off a new one.

Solid goal is 12K off and base MF.

Ha! Did the the $69 tire charge give it away?

I always insist on 78% nitrogen in my tires :wink:

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that and the 299 processing fee. I actually leased my wife’s X5 demo from them. I told the CA i was only going to deal with base mf of .00134 and his face went blank, he brought me to the manager and we got a deal worked out relatively quickly. Although he did try to raise the MF without telling me at one point, I called him out on it. He apologized and said he was in used cars and didn’t typically deal with leases.

Could’ve been Rockiville also :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you guys find the time to do this but searching cars, and contacting dealers is quite time consuming.