Black Friday Volvo Deals South FL (Spread sheet in post)

Send Me a PM Or Text/Email me
Do Not Contact Dealership Directly as you will not get the same the special pricing.
Pricing on the list is fully negotiated

All deals must be signed in store. No Fedex deals.

No out of state deals

South FL Black Friday Volvo Spread Sheet

All pricing in link is PLUS tax

My info:
786-709-3879 TEXT ONLY, I do not answer calls while with customers, I will call you to set up deal/appointment.

Mileage options available: 7.5K,10K,12K, 15K

Pricing based on good credit - can not have recent charge offs, repos or delinquencies on credit.
7.5K/yr is the minimum miles

Volvo Loyalty $500 available
A-plan by Volvo $500-750 available depending on vehicle selection
No Conquest Rebates with Volvo

It must be black friday on my sheet too!

That’s the 2nd or 3rd version I’ve seen of mine floating around from other folks :man_facepalming:

I didn’t know Deel Volvo allowed folks to go below on A Plan? I wonder how Volvo feels about that now that you’ve put it online for us all to see.


You should ask the spreadsheet’s owner for permission to use it and give him credit in your post. Show some courtesy.


Can we lock this until this person decides to not be a :snake: ?


Not doing anything wrong with pricing. Everything is fully transparent. Please don’t get disrespectful.

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Copy/pasting someone else’s sheet isn’t disrespectful?


Regardless of the spreadsheet shenanigans these deals just aren’t great compared to what has been posted on here in the past. I think you all are being kind only critiquing the spreadsheet and not what’s on it. I also can’t stand when a broker posts all their deals with 7500 miles so they look better when a vast majority of buyers need more miles than that.

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Wow. An absolute level of LOW by asking not to be disrespectful but Ok for you to just copy someone elses work.

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:popcorn: is ready.


I do not understand the hiding of the dealership… why wouldn’t you just use your Deel Volvo email?

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This actually should be a requirement for registered dealers, @michael. We have “dealers” like Valentina who just collect leads here for their dealerships but do not actually have any say in their advertised deals


Not sure about all this copying stuff, but nice to see some more FL action. Many threads have been dead for a while

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Hi, I’m interested in XC60. Please could you share with me more information?? Thanks

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Wait…do you mean she copied and pasted yours…to include same numbers/deals? Or she used your spreadsheet as a template to plug in her own #s/deals?

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Similar spreadsheets, my own numbers.

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Yeah that’s not what happened.

There is a reason @Bostoncarconcierge was the first to post and several others have commented.

You straight copy/pasted my sheet before folks starting chiming in - You literally just changed my info to yours and posted it.

You’ve now slightly moved some boxes around, which doesn’t change the intent.

Regardless, none of that matters. The great part about LH is that it’s all about the value you bring. If she does that, I’m sure none of the comments from myself or the others will matter.

I’ll mute this thread now, as it’s not my thread and I’ve said my bit.