Black Friday deals vs. End of Year Deals

I have what I believe is a good lease deal on a Chevy Volt and will sign today since the offer ends today. I believe the Costco incentives end today too. But I keep wondering if better deals are to be had at the end of the year. However the inventory on Chevy Volts may be drying up as people snap them up because their HOV carpool stickers expire January 1st (California). So should I sign or wait? Thanks!

There’s always going to be a better deal. If you’re happy with what you have now, take it. The numbers may get worse next month…you never know.

“Black Friday,” “4th of July” “3rd Tuesday of the Month” deals are all a marketing gimmick. The numbers are set by the captive at the beginning of the month and rarely change during the month. The deals come when the dealer is looking to hit a number to hit a bonus and are willing to lose $$$ on the car to gain it back on the back end. If they hit their #s, they’re not going to discount as much. The trick is finding that dealer who’s looking to hit a bonus…which isn’t easy.


I think they end Jan 2

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Instead of just saying it is a good deal, post the numbers for opinions. Plenty of Volt leasers here!

OK, I would be happy to!

2019 Chevy Volt LT
Southern California
36 months/18,000 miles per year
MSRP: 34,460
MF: 0.00104
Residual 41.78% $14.396.20
Selling price: 30,258
Cash down: $2500
Monthly payment: 350.00 including tax (324.83 before)

I don’t mind putting some cash down because I need my monthly payment to be as low as possible. Than you!

What’s the difference between taking that $2,500 and putting it in a bank account and using it to add on to your low monthly payment instead of just giving it to Chevy at the beginning? A low monthly payment doesn’t mean you’re giving them less money. If you need a low monthly payment why not just do a one pay and then have no monthly payment? You get a better deal that way.


The numbers do just about check out if you base it on @chevysalesgirl’s most recent Volt deal with 2200 DAS and factor in a 9000 mile overage at 25 cents a mile. She’s not advertising 18k terms, but it should be just about the same (288/mo for 15k plus annualizing the overage at 62.50 a month). But if you are in SoCal why aren’t you just going to Trish in the first place?

You ok being out of warranty from 36k to 54k miles?


I’ll add that if anything this should be a little less than 350 monthly assuming that there is some kind of discount for prepaying all those miles. I’d say 338/mo with 2200 DAS sounds more like it, before factoring in the CVRP, etc that SoCal gets back. The warranty concerns @max_g brings up are fair, however the hybrid powertrain does alleviate some of those concerns, as well as the longer battery warranty, powertrain warranty, etc. Perhaps if they can make a deal closer to the quoted number that offers additional peace of mind, either through GM directly, or a reputable third party?

$0.20/mile if paid upfront. $0.25/mile at the end.

So my math shakes out assuming the MSRP on the deal Trish had for 288 is the same. I was estimating 338/mo adding the 9000 extra miles in at 20 cents a mile.

Thank you all for your help. I ended up doing $350 per month with $2500 down. I did not go to Tricia because she did not have the green color I wanted but her deal was the same. Thank you!

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The bumper to bumper would be gone but they’d still have powertrain…

On the surface, if GM offers favorable 24 month deals, the Costco deal become more valuable than 36 months. If you get a true out of pocket, then the costco $700 rebate by 23 months is worth $30/mo. It should be noted that you can convert a Costco Gold membership to Executive the day of the deal and downgrade the next day and be refunded all but prorated one day amount. It should also be noted that you can convert your costco gift card for cash at Costco customer service. Another thing to consider, the past two years in either March or April, GM offered a $4500 off incentive for an Asian conquest for almost all vehicles. These were some of the best deals where if you if could qualify for an additional incentive such as friends and family, grad or military, you could get crazy low deals. This is where LH even posted the $180/mo Terrain without the additional incentive. I had my fingers crossed this would happen again for 2019 yet now with the massive GM restructure, simply the odds go down that this will be offered again.


'17 was better than '18 in that regard. Point being, you never know if it will be around again in '19 or not, and you don’t know how good it will be if it does show up.

Wasn’t the incentive $3000? $4500 seems way higher than I remember

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I looked into it; was two stackable competitive incentives, $1500 off conquest for anything, additional $3000 bonus off Asian leases for a total of $4500

GM conquest/competitive lease incentives have never stacked. Example of a 2017 lease fine with it Equinox Premier AWD $33815 MSRP : $133 PM , $842 at signing 24/10 lease

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ReReading the LH Trax article, I believe I stand corrected however there are two other $1500 incentives in the deal which was throwing me off. One was the incremental bonus cash and the other being bonus tag cash. So in 2017 the competitive incentive was $3k which could be stacked with other possible $1500 incentives but not two competitive offers