Bike Rack for BMW 330i

I want to get a new BMW 330i but need to transport my bikes, either a mountain bike or road bike. I know BMW has roof racks for this car, anyone have a hitch added for a hitch rack? How do you carry your bikes w this car?

How many bikes at a time?

One bike at a time.

I would use a trunk rack. Even nice one would be much less than a hitch and bike rack, plus you get to use it on future cars.

I’ll have to look at them again. A few years ago, my mountain bike didn’t fit on a trunk rack, due to the rear shock was n the way. I had bought a Thule and had to take it back.

You can install a trailer hitch and do it that way, but the install requires the bumper be removed to install it.

On my old X5’s a trailer hitch was no problem at lease end. I’m thinking 330 with a hitch my be an issue at lease end?

Not sure on that one

You needed one of these probably. I have it on all my kids’ bikes and I have a hitch rack.

I tried one of those when I had my trunk mount for a few days, it didn’t work on my bike.

How about this, most Mt bikes have easy removable front wheel, you could try put the bike inside the trunk. I was able to do this in Kia Optima and close the trunk, which was way easier than setting up the bike rack/adding a trailer hitch. You’ll need to fold down the rear seats.

Yea I was thinking this would be easiest. I would have to take my bike to the dealer. Kind of goofy.

Or a roof rack, but don’t forget about it

I’m too old to remember roof rack cargo. :sunglasses:

I also own a BMW 330i but I use a trunk mount bike rack. It works quite well and can hold 2 bikes at a time. Here is where I got my bike rack.

i’d love to BMW 330i but i don’t have money.

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