BIG PRICE DROPS! Bacon's C.C BMW Specials. M850i xDrive convertible at 22.3% pre-incentive

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW M850i xDrive Convertible
Alpine White
MSRP: $125,xxx
Monthly Payment: $923 + tax
Drive-Off Amount: $923 + registration+upfront taxes + MSDs
Months: 36 months
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00113 (7 MSDs)
Residual: 55% $68,967
Available Incentives: $3000 loyalty (included)

Packages included:
Driver Assistance Package
Drivers Assistance Pro Package
Neck Warmer

This vehicle can be shipped. I will be able to help with the logistics of shipping vehicle.

Please put in your tax and your registration fees.

Broker fee: $599


Someone in So Flo needs to snag that Z4. Hell of a deal for that region!

O_o what a deal! What is wrong with that acq fee though :smiley:

Nothing is wrong with it… They cap their doc fee of $195 so I just do simple math of $925+$195 and set it up like that! :slight_smile:


I’m in Florida

I know. You contacted me about a V60

Lol. This is a sick deal. My wife will kill me if I buy a convertible…not sure I can hide it either :sunny:

Is there conquest if no loyalty?

Kill the wife => get the convertible => find a new wife.


Better idea: tell her the car is for her…then ill drive it everyday

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What would the price be without loyalty? I have volvo…so maybe conquest>?

Take out $1k

Deposit taken on the Z4!! Sold!!


Hopefully he didn’t kill the wife for nothing


Wasn’t him… but was a LH member!!

Heck of a deal

is this M850 convertible still available?

As of now yes… lots of traffic but no deposit yet

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This is for So Cal, what would payment be if no MSD’s, just drive off. Thx

We are sold on the M850ix

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I’m not saying it’s me but I’m very excited about it :slight_smile: